do you think that mosquitos dare their friends to bite somebody with bugspray on

no, because mosquitos don’t have the mind to be able to communicate in such complex ways.

oh im sorry i didnt know u were the worlds top mosquito expert excuse me



Omg where can I find this dress? I need THIS DRESS.

First commission done for chriscopelandart! Thanks for having me draw my favorite character ever. :D Commission slots are still open. See here for details.

Guys, I swear I had good intentions starting out.
I was thinking “Man, you know what we need? We need motivational werewolves.  Because really, people area awesome, and don’t know it, and no one would argue with a werewolf trying to motivate you.”
Then I realized “And if a werewolf was dishing out compliments, It would comment on how nice you smelled!”  And this was a good idea.  I plan on redoing this sometime along with some companion pieces.  It’s not the best, but good.   But then everything went wrong when I started drawing, and then, I had the horrible, awful, abysmal thought: “And I could draw it sort of in the style of Lisa Frank.  The art of my childhood.  Yesssssssssss.”   And… and I did this. This happened. I’m sorry.